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The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is seeking re-certification from the National Collegiate Athletic Association. A critical part of this process is a self-study which is being conducted by a committee composed of faculty, staff and students. These pages make available draft reports of the committees developing the self-study.

The principal goals of this website are to provide information to the campus community about the certification process and to seek input from a broad cross-section of the University on the certification process and on the Athletic Department more broadly.

Brief Description of the Current Certification Process at the University of Nebraska

This process began during the summer of 2005 when Chancellor Harvey Perlman appointed a Steering Committee and three subcommittees to conduct a self study of the Athletic Department. A final report was issued on June 6, 2006.   The self study will examine three major aspects of the Athletic Department: academic integrity, governance and rules compliance, and student welfare and diversity. First drafts of these three sections of the self study are now available for your review.

The self study was finalized and forwarded to the NCAA on June 6, 2006.  From October 2-4, 2006, an NCAA site visit team will be on campus to meet with those interested in providing information about the Athletic Department.  The NCAA's decision on certification is expected late in 2006.