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UNL Up To Date

Keeping You Up To Date

UNL Up to Date

What is UNL Up to Date?

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UNL Up to Date is a small application that can be used to gather up-to-the-minute information related to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The Office of Communications has been working in cooperation with UNL Police and the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance to develop new and efficient ways to communicate information to UNL Students, Faculty and Staff, and the wider community. Through the use of a small useful application, users have access to important information related to the campus and immediate notification of emergencies that effect the University.

In the event of an emergency at UNL, the Up to Date widget will notify the user by playing an alert sound and moving to the foreground. The user can then click the alert to access a web page containing additional information [click for a screenshot of desktop with alert].

In addition to alert monitoring, the Up to Date widget provides easy access to information and a number of useful features.


  • Integrated Weather
  • UNL Headlines
  • Local Radar
  • Plaza Cam
  • Peoplefinder Search
  • Google Search

UNL Up to Date is built on top of Yahoo! Widget Engine, which is required to run the widget. Widget Engine is a free application that runs on both Windows and Macintosh OSX PCs.

To install, simply download Yahoo! Widget Engine and the UNL Up to Date widget.

Alternate Views

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Radar Viewer
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Webcam Viewer